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Camphill Rožkalni celebrates 25 years //

Since 1999, the Camphill “Rožkalni” has grown from a single farmstead into a village with two residential houses, a cultural center, two barns, and several workshops. Currently, in the village, 10 adults with intellectual developmental disabilities have found homes. In “Rožkalni,” villagers produce cheese and butter in a biologically certified dairy. The paper workshop fulfills orders for independent clients, including Waldorf schools in Latvia, Estonia, and Finland. In the renovated barn, a tea workshop has been set up where the tea collected during the summer is dried and fermented for the villagers’ consumption as well as for gifts. The village has obtained organic farming status, processing fields only with biological preparations and minerals that are prepared on-site in the village.

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Family house Renovation //

On the windy day of May 27, 2023, a spark from a chimney landed on the roof of the residential building in the village (“Zenta Mauriņa’s house”), causing significant damage to the large structure. It was one of the first straw houses in Latvia. Fortunately, none of the villagers and co-workers suffered in the fire disaster, but 13 people lost everything they had in their lives.
To ensure the continuation of the story of the village of Rožkalni, we sincerely invite you to support us and donate to the restoration of the family house!
Donations can be made through a bank transfer: Camphill Nodibinājums “Rožkalni,” registration number 40008047404, Luminor Bank, account number/IBAN: LV40 RIKO 0002010092555. Alternatively, you can donate using a PayPal account (account name: Camphill nodibinajums Rozkalni).

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The new residential house // Lilijas house

On May 27, 2023, a random spark accidentally landed on the straw roof, causing the village’s large residential house (“Zenta Mauriņa house”) to be engulfed in flames. It was one of the first straw houses in Latvia. Fortunately, none of the villagers and coworkers were harmed in the fire. Although this unfortunate incident left a deep emotional impact on the entire community’s daily life, the story of Rožkalni had to continue.

Thanks to donors, volunteers, and the strong support of the Camphill movement, the foundations for a new residential house were laid during the summer of 2023. The grand opening of “Lilijas house” took place on September 30, 2023.