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We are a small therapeutic community located near Valmiera in Latvia, comprised of individuals with developmental disabilities. Within our community, people live and work together on 30 hectares of fertile land, where we produce wholesome food and create handmade crafts from natural materials. In this environment, we actively seek out the unique talents and capabilities inherent in each individual, assisting everyone in realizing their full potential.



“Rožkalni”, Rencēnu pagasts, Valmieras novads LV-4232

+371 29108235





Every day we take care of cows, chickens, geese and a donkey.




Here we transform the milk produced by our cows into a variety of dairy products, primarily for our own consumption, but we also offer them for sale at local markets.


Felt/handicraft workshop

For our own enjoyment as well as for the others we make different felt items and knitted handicrafts.

Paper Workshop

We manufacture exercise books for Waldorf schools, notebooks in various sizes, as well as a variety of paper gifts and embroidered greeting cards.

Buy our books

Here you can find a price list of all the handmade Paper Workshop products.


Our garden supplies vegetables and fruit for the village, based on bio-dynamic principles  and the Maria Thun planting calendar.



Here we prepare nutritious meals for the entire village, primarily using products from our farm and garden.

Herb Workshop

The herb garden is an important part of Rožkalni. Here, we cultivate, harvest, dry, and package teas and spices. We also create basic herbal medicinal and cosmetic products for ourselves, as well as for gifts and sale.