Lifesharing //

Together with people who have special needs we try to create a community where every one of us can do meaningful work and feel themselves to be honoured and valuable members.

The home is a place of recognition and trust.

Family houses are home for everyone who lives here. We want to recognise our members and their special needs. We try to look beyond the disabilities in our search for the real being in every human. We try to listen to each other even when the words cannot be spoken.

Life is our teacher. Art, science amd religion are an integral part of our lives. We want to find out more about the land and the stars and about ourselves. We study, read biographies, sing, play and dance, we love theatre and create our own plays.

We work for each other and for the world around us.

We work on the fields, in the households and the workshops. Everyone takes part, according to his or her abilities and becomes a valuable and recognised person in the village.

Only when we have the opportunity to do a meaningful job can we feel ourselves to be integral members of society.

We try to make our life rhythms creative, that for we have no TV. With pleasure we watch a good film in the cinema or organise it at home.


Rozkalni community consists of social care workers and their families, adults with different mental disabilities (villagers) and volunteers who stay here for a shorter or longer period.


We celebrate the Christian and Latvian festivals together and search for their inner meaning. In every cultural and social event an individual can feel himself as a part of today’s world.


To always be able to take our responsibility on our actions, we have decided not to use any alcohol or other substances of this kind in Rozkalni.

About lifesharing in Rožkalni //