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Camphill Rožkalni

Welcome to Camphill Rožkalni! We are a small therapeutic community located near Valmiera in Latvia, comprised of individuals with developmental disabilities. Within our community, people live and work together on 30 hectares of fertile land, where we produce wholesome food and create handmade crafts from natural materials. In this environment, we actively seek out the unique talents and capabilities inherent in each individual, assisting everyone in realizing their full potential.


With your support we will be able to carry on.
You can help us to cover our running costs. You can help us to develop Rožkalni.

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“Rožkalni”, Rencēnu pagasts, Valmieras novads LV-4232

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+371 29108235

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Lifesharing //

Together with people who have developmental disabilities, we strive to create a community where each one of us can engage in meaningful work and feel like honored and valued member.

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Family house Renovation //

On the windy day of May 27, 2023, a spark from a chimney landed on the roof of the residential building in the village (“Zenta Mauriņa’s house”), causing significant damage to the large structure. It was one of the first straw houses in Latvia. Fortunately, none of the villagers and co-workers suffered in the fire disaster, but 13 people lost everything they had in their lives.
To ensure the continuation of the story of the village of Rožkalni, we sincerely invite you to support us and donate to the restoration of the family house!
Donations can be made through a bank transfer: Camphill Nodibinājums “Rožkalni,” registration number 40008047404, Luminor Bank, account number/IBAN: LV40 RIKO 0002010092555. Alternatively, you can donate using a PayPal account (account name: Camphill nodibinajums Rozkalni).


Our products //

Handmade notebooks, embroided greeting cards, wide range of dairy products, vegetables, oats, herbal teas and spice salt.


LTV about us

Camphill Rožkalni’s 20th Anniversary Celebration on May 5, 2019