Since 1999

Camphill Rožkalni

Welcome to Camphill Rožkalni, a small therapeutic community with people with special needs near Valmiera in Latvia. Here you will find people working and living together on 30 hectares of fertile soil, producing healthy food and handmade crafts from natural materials. Here, we seek for the opportunities and abilities which can be unlocked in each individual, helping us each to realise our full potential.

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“Rožkalni”, Rencēnu pagasts, Valmieras novads LV-4232

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+371 29484776

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Lifesharing //

Together with people who have special needs we try to create a community where every one of us can do meaningful work and feel themselves to be honoured and valuable members.

hand made

By our products //

Handmade notebooks, embroided greeting cards, felt and knitted slippers, different diary products, vegetables, oats, herbal teas and spice salt.


With your support we will be able to cary on. 

You can help us to cover our running costs. You can help us to develop Rozkalni.


LTV about us

Camphill Rozkalni 20th jubilieum in May, 2019