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Villagers of Rožkalni are adults at least 18 years old with developmental disabilities who want to live and work in a social community.

How to become a villager?

Parents or a social service institution submits an application, adding a certificate / assessment of compliance with the need for social care.

Each application is evaluated individually. If there is a vacancy in the village of Rožkalni, we invite the potential villager, relatives and a representative of the social institution of the relevant municipality to an interview.

Depending on the number of available places in the village, we welcome the potential villager for a two-week trial visit, which may be extended.


What happens when the villager is accepted in Rožkalni?

A contract is signed with the villager, relatives or employee of the Social Authority.

acommodation fee

Who funds the villager’s stay?

The accommodation fee consists of:
– grants from relatives or the municipality,
– state co-financing in certain cases,
– a percentage of the villager’s disability pension or benefit.

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